Afipka equipped the facade of the town’s Cultural Center with a high-tech digital display

Afipka (in May 2019 became part of Mikhail Gutseriev's SAFMAR Group, the plant is managed by ForteInvest), began broadcasting the results of environmental monitoring on a new screen, which is installed on the facade of the town’s Cultural Center in Afipsky township.

Earlier, the topic of informing citizens about the state of the atmospheric air was discussed within the working group offsite meeting of the Public Chamber of the Krasnodar region, which took place on the territory of Afipka in November 2019.

After that, the measurement results began to be published in the enterprise's Telegram channel. The data was also broadcast on a small display at the town’s Cultural Center. However, its size did not allow placing information on all indicators of interest to residents.

Therefore, the management of the Afipka decided to replace the screen with a larger and more high-tech one.

“We are grateful to the plant for this gift to the township,” said Igor Dubin, director of the Afipsky Cultural Center. - The screen has decorated the facade of the Cultural Center and will become an important element of many public events. For example, during the work of leisure areas, we will be able to show cartoons for children, now it is not a problem to hold “Cinema Night” right in the open air. And the weather report is updated on the scoreboard in real time.

But the most important thing is that every resident of the village can see online environmental indicators that characterize the state of the atmosphere in the area near the plant: the concentration of nitrogen dioxide, carbon oxide, saturated hydrocarbons, dihydrosulfide (hydrogen sulfide), sulfur dioxide, methylmercaptan. Up-to-date information comes from the central plant laboratory, where regular air measurements are made, and is updated once a day.

“The refinery openness is a key element of our policy aimed at full compliance with the requirements of environmental legislation,” said Alexander Gribok, Director General of Afipka - Plus - the course towards openness contributes to the further strengthening of constructive and benevolent relations between the company and the public. This is very important for us, since the plant is closely integrated into the life of the Afipsky township and the entire Seversky district.