Afipka Refinery

Afipka Oil Refinery
Development Strategy
aims at Environmental Protection

SAFMAR Group of Mikhail Gutseriev acquired ownership of the Afipka Oil refinery in May 2019. The plant is under the direct management of ForteInvest.
Afipka Oil Refinery is one of the largest enterprises in the Krasnodar region. The refinery is developing rapidly, while paying significant attention to environmental protection.

The issues of ensuring industrial environmental safety of production and the environmental well-being of the territories where the enterprise operates are key in solving production problems.


The plant is certified and meets the international requirements of ISO 14001: 2015, as well as ISO 9001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007. At the same time, the share of financial investments in environmental protection measures is increasing from year to year.

So, for example,
in comparison with 2018,
in 2019 the amount of funds
allocated for the implementation of environmental protection,
measures increased by 12% and amounted to about
337 million rubles

Of these, about 21 million rubles were invested in the protection of atmospheric air and the prevention of climate change, and more than 300 million rubles were invested in the collection and treatment of wastewater. Approximately 16 million rubles were allocated for other activities in the field of environmental protection.

300 million rubles

collection and cleaning

16 million rubles

other activities

21 million rubles

air protection and climate change prevention


An important direction of the enterprise's work is the introduction of the best available technologies, regulated by No. 219-FZ "On environmental protection"

The use of BAT is aimed at comprehensive prevention and (or) minimization of the negative impact on nature. Currently, all technologies applied at the plant comply with the requirements of this law.

One example of BAT already in use at the Afipka Refinery is pontoons, which are equipped with 12 oil storage tanks, 6 gasoline storage tanks and 1 trap product storage tank. Equipping with pontoons allows the emission of pollutants into the air to be reduced by up to 99.5%.

Further evidence of the active implementation of Best Available Techniques is the recent completion of the precommissioning of the vapor recovery unit. The project was implemented as part of the technical re-equipment of the loading rack for gasoline and kerosene for the shipment of refined products.


In addition, the company
is currently building
the Hydrocracking Complex

One of its main projects is a combined sulfur production plant designed to convert sulfur compounds contained in sour gas into elemental sulfur. The technology provided by the project also applies to BAT. The use of thermal and catalytic conversion of hydrogen sulfide will provide elemental sulfur production and ammonia removal without flaring. Thus, the production under construction now will significantly reduce the content of harmful chemicals in emissions and reduce the impact of these substances on the environment.


Another touch that illustrates the environmental policy of the Afipka Oil Refinery is an active dialogue with the public.

In particular, earlier the topic of informing citizens about the state of the atmospheric air was discussed within the framework of an offsite meeting of the working group of the Public Chamber of the Krasnodar region, which was held on the territory of Afipka in November 2019.

This resulted in an agreement to conduct and transfer to the administration of the Afipsky urban settlement data of daily analytical air monitoring for the content of sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and saturated hydrocarbons.

The information was published on the enterprise’s Telegram channel and on the electronic board located on the facade of the town’s Cultural Center. This allowed local residents to monitor the air condition online.

In addition to this, in May of this year, the plant's management, at the suggestion of the public, organized additional round-the-clock air monitoring. It should be added that quite recently the management of the Afipka Refinery decided to replace the old, small and obsolete display with a large and more high-tech one.


Also, the solution of environmental protection issues is aimed at the
active participation of employees
in socially significant environmental activities.

Thus, the Youth Council of the Afipka Oil Refinery, together with the Department for Environmental Protection, periodically carry out environmental actions aimed at preserving and improving the ecology in the Seversky District. In parallel, the plant organizes activities related to the environmental education of employees.

The implementation of numerous industrial and social projects allows the company to achieve significant environmental success.

Afipka Refinery intends to continue to pay increased attention to this work.