Oil loading station commissioned at Ashirovskoye Field of JSC OILGAZTET

JSC OILGAZTET (a subsidiary of Said Gutseriev's JSC ForteInvest, also falling under the SAFMAR group) has completed the commissioning of the Ashirovsky oil loading station (OLS) at the Ashirovskoye Field.

The oil loading station is a facility for acceptance, storage and shipment of commercial oil that meets the requirements of GOST. This new facility will provide a three-day storage capacity for commercial oil, contributing to a smooth oil shipment process.

A terminal separation unit (TSU) for oil stabilization was launched as part of the facility. It enables complete degasifying of oil at low separation pressures before shipment by boiler trucks.

The launch of the facility will not only reduce the cost of oil transportation, which is about 3 million rubles/month, but also improve the company's operational excellence. Reduction of emissions from oil loading and transportation will also improve the environmental situation in the region.