Full name of the company:
Joint-Stock Company “ForteInvest”
Abbreviated name of the company:
JSC “ForteInvest”
Mailing address/operational headquarters:
41 Novoslobodskaya street, Moscow 127055
Single reference telephone of the company:
+7(495) 6415900
+7(495) 6415908

Petroleum Product Trading Department

Head of Department:
Sergey Grib

Department of Petroleum Products Supplies:

Director of Department 
Valeriy Andreev

Light Distillates Trading Division

Senior specialist:
Vadim Klimantcev, +7(495) 6415900 ext. 4047

Middle Distillates Trading Division

Head of Division:
Alexander Loktionov, +7(495) 6415900 ext. 4062

Heavy Petroleum Products Trading Division

Head of Division:
Anton Zaremba, +7(495) 6415900 ext.1116

Department of Petroleum Supplies:

Director of Department:
Evgeniy Chicherin

Department of Transportation:

Director of Department:
Andrey Gogin

You can send purchase orders to, specifying in the subject line: oil purchase, oil sale, gasoline purchase, etc.

Please send an order for the supply of crude oil with the attachment of product quality certificates.

Proforma working papers