Orsk Refinery Celebrates 85th Anniversary

Orsk Refinery Celebrates 85th Anniversary

On December 24, Orsknefteorgsintez (subsidiary of Said Gutseriev's ForteInvest, member of the SAFMAR Company Group) celebrates its 85th anniversary. The Orsk Refinery today includes over 2,400 employees, dozens of modern facilities located on the area of 380 hectares, production of over 30 types of high-quality products, export to many countries of the world, as well as Russian regions.

The plant increases production volumes every year. 358 million tons of oil have been processed over 85 years. With implementation of the largest modernization program in Russia, investments in which amounted to over 70 billion rubles during the first stage, Orsk Refinery has expanded its range of products. Production of modern environmentally friendly fuel has been established. Orsknefteorgsintez is one of the few Russian enterprises producing jet fuel for aircrafts.

"The anniversary is a significant event for the enterprise. Behind it, there are great experience, human fates, scientific and production potential, highly professional management and balanced development strategy. In the age of 85, the plant is a modern production facility aimed at solving serious tasks", says S. G. Kraschuk, Director General of Orsknefteorgsintez.

Orsknefteorgsintez is a socially responsible enterprise. In 2020, Orsk Refinery paid 8.5 billion rubles in taxes. Over 200 million rubles have been invested into environmental protection activities over the last five years. The enterprise has a serious educational program in place, allowing workers to receive training with financial support from the plant. For over 10 years, Orsk refinery has been actively cooperating with city and regional authorities under the program of social and economic partnership and implementing various charity projects.

"Thanks to our joint efforts, the refinery has become one of the most modern and better modernized enterprises in Russia", said S. M. Gutseriev, CEO of ForteInvest, in his celebratory speech. "Every year, new grand facilities are built here. This is a wonderful example of how people can turn back time and oppose the logical course of history - the modernization is taking place at full speed, which means that the Orsk Refinery will celebrate its future anniversaries being even more beautiful and modern.”