The project for the implementation of "Lean production" in the assets of ForteInvest lead the first positive results

At the beginning of 2020, companies managed by ForteInvest (part of the SAFMAR Group of Mikhail Gutseriev) launched the "Lean production" pilot project aimed at eliminating any actions from the manufacturing process that consume resources but do not add value for the final product. At the end of the half of the year, provisional results were summed up and further directions for the development of the program were determined.

When implementing the "Lean production" system, considerable attention is paid to optimizing working areas and eliminating unused equipment and materials. As a rule, many production facilities have significant amounts of unclaimed materials in their warehouses, without preconditions for their further involvement in the production process. The developed plan for the sale of unclaimed materials at Preobrazhenskneft summed up in additional income of over 5 million rubles, without drawing on significant labor or financial resources. This practice has become widespread in all ForteInvest assets.

One of the primary tasks of the "Lean production" program is to identify and reduce technological losses. Based on the results of monitoring key performance indicators of "KOR-KEN" production facilities, a project for the modernization of the chemical and technological protection system of the AT-2 unit was proposed and planned, which is aimed at reducing the consumption of reagents and the time of unplanned equipment downtime.

The main driver of the "Lean production" program at ForteInvest is the Production Cost Optimization Department, which analyzes current business processes requiring changes and creates conditions in which employees of assets  can take initiative and increase their potential.