The Scientific and Technical Council of ForteInvest approved measures to improve production efficiency and reduce the operating costs of the holding

At a regular meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of ForteInvest in mid-July, measures were approved to improve production efficiency and reduce the operating costs of the holding, with an economic effect of about 59 million rubles per year.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the top management and senior executives of KOR-KEN and Afipka LLC. As part of the meeting, the activities developed by the Production Cost Optimization Department aimed at improving the production efficiency and reducing the operating costs were considered. The proposed projects cover both individual production facilities and the structure of the enterprise as a whole, and, when implemented, they will not only reduce the heat production costs and the cost of training production personnel, but also improve the operational safety of technological plants.

The projected economic effect of the optimization measures is 59 million rubles per year, with a capital cost of about 76 million rubles. This makes the proposed initiatives attractive for investment due to the relatively short payback period.

It should be noted that the proposed optimization projects are not one-time action projects, but the result of the formation of a system aimed at continuously improving both production processes and the daily activities of each employee.

One of the significant areas of activity of ForteInvest is the constant improvement in the field of efficient use of natural and energy reserves and the energy saving system and reduction of production costs at the facilities included in the corporate structure of the Company.