Forteinvest has a major oil refinery with a total capacity of
6 million tons


Orsk oil refinery named after V. P. Chkalov (located in the East of the Orenburg region, on the border with Northern Kazakhstan). Orsk oil refinery is a subsidiary of Forteinevst

Orsk oil refinery is the only one in the Orenburg Region with a design capacity of 6 million tons of oil per year.

Orsk oil refinery produces and ships more than 30 types of in-demand products for domestic and foreign markets.

Orsk refinery produces automobile gasoline, diesel fuel, and Jet fuel - Eco Class 5, by the highest European and Russian standards..

We sell products throughout the entire territory of the Russian Federation and to many other countries. Thus, a significant portion of Orsk oil products are sold on the domestic market, completely covering the needs of the Orenburg region. One portion is traded on the St. Petersburg stock exchange, and another is exported. Orsknefteorgsintez products are popular all over the world. Oil products are delivered to neighboring countries: Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan. The portion of oil products are delivered to foreign countries. Products are shipped by different logistical means.

The plant has modern conversion and refining facilities and produces a wide range of high-quality petroleum products that meet all the environmental standards of the modern market.
Forteinvest processed 10.33 million tons of oil and gas condensate in 2019
Total light products produced 6.57 million tons
gasoline –
1.86 million tons
diesel fuel –
4.5 million tons
jet fuel –
0.21 million tons


  • Fuel refinery
  • Processes a mixture of oils from the West Siberian OGP, the Volga-Ural OGP and gas condensate
  • Oil is delivered to the refinery by pipeline via the Transneft trunk pipeline system, and some volumes of oil and gas condensate are delivered by rail to the Nickel station
  • Finished products are shipped by rail and road
  • The main conversion processes — visbreaking unit (capacity 1200,0 thousand tons/year) and hydrocracking unit (capacity 1600,0 thousand tons/year)
2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Refining of crude oil, 1 million tons 4,74 4,75 4,79 3,92 4,47 4,38
Petroleum product output, 1 million tons 4,5 4,4 4,75 3,75 4,15 4,09
Gasolines (straight-run and automobile), 1 million tons 0,81 0,68 0,98 0,83 0,90 0,93
Diesel fuel, 1 million tons 1,6 1,9 2,23 1,74 1,78 2,01
Jet fuel, 1 million tons 0,03 0,01 0,21 0,22 0,45 0,17
Fuel oil and vacuum gasoil, 1 million tons 0,7 0,86 0,57 0,42 0,48 0,29
Lightoil products yield,% 58,3 60,44 72,37 70,95 70,14 71,08
Refining depth,% 84,0 81,03 87,18 88,18 88,22 92,86

Refinery history

The Orsk oil refinery was constructed in 1935, receiving the first oil through the new oil pipeline, Caspian-Orsk, on December 24 - this date is considered the birthday of the plant. On January 6, 1936, the plant produced its first gasoline. During the first year, the refinery processed 152.8 thousand tons of oil.

In 1939, the plant was named after the Hero of the Soviet Union Valery Pavlovich Chkalov, a test pilot, by the resolution of the USSR government

In 1942 the first oil lots were received. During the war, the refinery increased its yield by 2.5 times, expanding the range by almost five times.

Every third ton of oil for Soviet military equipment was from Orsk. The Orsk Oil Refinery received the Order of the Patriotic War, 1st class for supplying the Soviet Army and Navy during the war.

Outstanding people worked at the plant, who received honorary titles: Vitalii Sorokin - Hero of the Soviet Union, Vasilii Netessanov - Hero of Socialist Labor, Alexey Turkin - Hero of Socialist Labor.

Viktor Chernomyrdin began his career here.

Over 2300 people work for the company. 38% of employees have higher education. Orsk Refinery was commissioned in 1935; it became a part of ForteInvest in 2011.

In 2020, Orsknefteorgsintez celebrates its 85th anniversary since its construction!

  • 1935

    Сrude oil distillation unit commissioning
  • 1939

    The refinery was named after V.P. Chkalov
  • 1941-1945

    Plant employees worked round-the-clock to make products needed at the front
  • 1947

    Gas fractionation unit was built
  • 1954

    CDU/VDU-3, a crude oil distillation unit, became active
  • 1961

    CDU/VDU-5, a crude oil distillation unit, became active
  • 1967

    Catalytic reformer and Gasoline rectification unit, became active
  • 1968

    CDU/VDU-5, a crude oil distillation unit, was commissioned
  • 1972

    Catalytic reformer and bitumen production was begun
  • 1982

    Special fuel production unit was begun
  • 1995

    Diesel fuel hydrotreating unit and sulfur production unit were commissioned
  • 2012-2013

    The reconstruction of the Hydrotreating unit was completed which allowed the enterprise to start production of Euro-5 class diesel fuel
  • 2014

    Isomerization unit was commissioned
  • 2015

    Visbreaking unit activated
  • 2016

    Construction of Hydrogen production unit completed
  • 2018

    Hydrocracking complex was commissioned, which includes a Vacuum gasoil hydrocracking unit, Hydrogen production and the First stage of Sulfur production with a Granulation unit
  • 2019

    Residual oil vacuum distillation and the Second process line for the Sulfur production unit were commissioned

  • Oilgaztet, Ashirovskoye field, Orenburg region

    Oilgaztet, Ashirovskoye field, Orenburg region

  • Oil-loading Complex Preobrazhenskneft

    Oil-loading Complex Preobrazhenskneft

  • Oilgaztet, collection and loading point at the Ashirovskoye field

    Oilgaztet, collection and loading point at the Ashirovskoye field