“ForteInvest” company (JSC “ForteInvest”) was founded in February 2011. The Company is one of the largest independent oil refiners in Russia.


The enterprises of ForteInvest carry out exploration and production of oil, process raw hydrocarbons and sell finished products.

The Orenburg production unit of ForteInvest includes the following companies: Preobrazhenskneft, Oilgaztet, Geoprogress, which carry out exploration and production of raw hydrocarbons in the Orenburg Region.

The total oil reserves of the Orenburg production unit of ForteInvest are over 50 million tons.

The refineries of Orsknefteorgsintez produce a wide range of high-quality petroleum products. They include high-octane motor gasolines and Euro 5 Gasoil, jet fuel, fuel oil, oils, liquefied gases and bitumen.

The refinery's products are in high demand and are sold both in the domestic market and in the near and far abroad countries. The Company's contactors include residents of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Afghanistan, China, the Republic of Belarus and others.

ForteInvest is dynamically developing in the conditions of the modern sales market. It is a permanent participant in exchange trading on the Saint Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange, and strives to achieve strategic success in its activities.

ForteInvest annually invests large amounts in production development. The Company is the main shareholder and partner of the Orsknefteorgsintez refinery. Together with the refinery, ForteInvest participates in the reconstruction of the existing production capacities and the creation of new facilities.

With the participation of the shareholder ForteInvest,
Orsk Refinery has been implementing one of the largest
Production Upgrade Programs in Russia since 2012
under which the existing facilities have been reconstructed and more than 15
new modern facilities have been erected.

The most significant facilities include: an on-site petroleum product loading plant,
a light naphtha isomerization unit, a sludge visbreaking unit, a hydrogen unit,
a sulfur plant with a granulation unit, and an HCU complex.

The upgrade program planned for 2012 to 2013 allowed the enterprise
to become one of the most authoritative and dynamically developing enterprises
in our country. Based on the upgrade results, the refining depth at the Orsk Refinery
increased from 59% to 88%, and the yield of light petroleum products is more than 80% vs. 49% in 2012.

  • Oilgaztet, Ashirovskoye field, Orenburg region

    Oilgaztet, Ashirovskoye field, Orenburg region

  • Oil-loading Complex Preobrazhenskneft

    Oil-loading Complex Preobrazhenskneft

  • Oilgaztet, collection and loading point at the Ashirovskoye field

    Oilgaztet, collection and loading point at the Ashirovskoye field

The following three producing enterprises are among the assets of ForteInvest: Preobrazhenskneft, Geoprogress and Oilgaztet. The enterprises operate in 5 license areas and 7 fields in the Orenburg Region. The total volume of the current reserves of the Orenburg unit of ForteInvest as of 2019 is 49,035 thousand tons (categories A+B1+B2 and C1+C2).

ForteInvest collaborates with ForteInvest AG in order to work with clients from the Western part. ForteInvest Asia is a subsidiary company, which operates in the Kyrgyz Republic.