ForteInvest warns

ForteInvest warns


Please note that the "Orsk Refinery" filling station network (4 filling stations in Magnitogorsk, 2 filling stations in Uchaly, 1 filling station in Gai) has no relation to the subsidiary of JSC "ForteInvest" - Orsk Refinery (PJSC "Orsknefteorgsintez").

The refinery does not have its own network of filling stations, its products are sold in large and small wholesale. To purchase products, please contact us with the phone numbers and e-mail addresses provided on this website only.

Fraud cases in which fraudsters are disguised as "ForteInvest" company are becoming more frequent!

Please note that fraudsters, when calling by phone, introduce themselves as current employees of the Company. To conclude the transaction, they send "ForteInvest" agreements, with the Company's seal, but with fraudulent details for transferring funds!

Unknown persons carry out fraudulent actions on fictitious sale of petroleum products on behalf of employees of JSC "ForteInvest", where the manager of transactions is allegedly an employee of the Company and the following contacts are used in this case: e-mail: e-mail:, tel.: +7-916-735-80-40, +7-495-109-54-75, which have no relation to the Company's details.

Our contractors reported about one recent example of how scammers work. The swindlers contacted a company wishing to purchase petroleum products and sent supporting documents for the products on fake "ForteInvest" letterheads. The manager introduced herself as Nelly, proposed to conclude an agreement on behalf of "ForteInvest", and left her cell phone and landline number. The official phone number listed in the fake documents is 8 495 1087360.

Please be careful - this phone number is not the phone number of the "ForteInvest" Company!

For the safety of your business activities related to the "ForteInvest" products, we recommend to work only with the Company's representatives, whose data are indicated on the website, and only by those phone numbers and e-mail addresses indicated on the website.

The website / is the only official website of the "ForteInvest" Company, and the telephone numbers and mailing addresses specified therein are the only ones for the negotiation process.

"ForteInvest" informs that the website, which is currently active on the Internet, has no relation to the Company's subsidiary PJSC "Orsknefteorgsintez".. Neither "ForteInvest" nor Orsk Refinery works with this Internet resource and does not conduct any business contacts with them.

JSC "ForteInvest" informs about the identified facts of fraudulent actions related to the illegal use of information from the official corporate website of the company.

Scammers have created a website, which is not related to the company JSC "ForteInvest".

Fraud cases in which fraudsters are disguised as "ForteInvest" company are becoming more frequent!

We would like to inform you that recently there have been repeated attempts of fraud by unidentified persons using the brand of ForteInvest AG, a subsidiary of ForteInvest, registered in Switzerland.

    The algorithm of the scammers' actions is as follows: a certain person, who introduces himself under the name "Konstantin Valerievich", uses the phone +7 (985) 419-74-84, makes proposals for mediation in concluding a lucrative contract with "ForteInvest AG" for the supply of petroleum products produced by ONOS. This person is interested in the fact that he allegedly has the "necessary" connections in the parent company – JSC ForteInvest. But for the conclusion of the transaction and prepayment, he provides the details of another company of the same name "ForteInvest AG s.r.o", which is registered in the Czech Republic.

ATTENTION! "ForteInvest AG s.r.o." is registered in the Czech registry in Prague, reg. number (Czech Republic Ico Number) 06771564, formed on 18.01.2018. Bank details of the Czech "ForteInvest AG, s.r.o.": Bank: FIO BANKA, A.S. Bank Address: MILLENNIUM PLAZA, FLOOR 1, V CELNICI 1028/10, PRAHA, CZECH REPUBLIC. (USD) IBAN: CZ16 2010 0000 0027 0199 7754. SWIFT: FIOBCZPPXXX

"ForteInvest AG s.r.o" is NOT INCLUDED in the corporate perimeter of JSC ForteInvest, is not affiliated with it in any way and does not have any working and other interactions. The director of this company, Roman Scherrer, also has no relation to JSC ForteInvest or to other companies that are part of the corporate perimeter.

"Konstantin Valerievich", perhaps there are other participants in the fraud, sends documents: letters, agreements, contracts, etc. from addresses, which also have nothing to do with the addresses of JSC ForteInvest and its structural divisions, although, at first glance, these addresses may seem to be involved in the ForteInvest structure, as people with such surnames work in the company.

Fraudsters produce documents of JSC ForteInvest (letters, offers, agreements, contracts, etc.) by forging the letterhead and seal of JSC ForteInvest by high-quality scanning from original documents. The forged papers made in this way are signed with the names of the current employees of JSC ForteInvest.

Please note that ForteInvest AG does not have its own original website, all the contact details of ForteInvest AG are posted on the website of the parent company JSC ForteInvest in the "Contact us" section.

The original email addresses of ForteInvest employees are posted on the original website in the "Information for Contractors" section.




Please note that this company provides customers with  documents on cooperation  (document-1, document-2, document-3, document-4, document-5, document-6) with the Orsk Refinery for the sale of motor fuel. Neither "ForteInvest" nor Orsk Refinery is responsible for the quality of products and for the actions carried out by this company, as it has no contractual obligations with this organization.   

JSC "ForteInvest" warns that recently there has been an increase in cases of fraud and production of false documents.

The document allegedly issued by the Directorate of ONOS for posting on the website as information to protect against scammers is presented.


JSC "ForteInvest" informs that there are companies that are similar to the company by name, but have no relation to the "ForteInvest" Group of Companies and its subsidiaries.

Thus, currently on the Internet, when searching for one of "ForteInvest's" production enterprises, JSC "Oilgaztet", one of the first links leads to the website This site, despite the fact that it has an address similar to the address of JSC "ForteInvest", has no relation to either JSC "Oilgaztet" or JSC "ForteInvest".

ForteInvest also details facts concerning fraudulent actions related to the illegal use of the name of the company, its main partner and subsidiary - Orsknefteorgsintez, and other structural divisions of the Group of Companies.

ATTENTION! Cases of fraud have been identified

1. In the summer of 2017, applications were sent to major car dealers in Kuban and Belarus, allegedly from the management of ForteInvest, with a request to carry out a test drive on expensive cars, in order to further purchase cars. The document contained the official logo, seal, signature of the head, and real contact information. The scammers were unable to pull off the scam due to the fact that the representatives of the car dealer contacted the Company to verify the authenticity of the document.

2. In the summer of 2017, allegedly from the email addresses of employees of ForteInvest, a fraudulent mailing was sent to the address of counterparties about changing the bank details of the Company. We kindly ask you to ignore such messages. If you receive such letters, please call our office.

3. Earlier, representatives of the ForteInvest Group of Companies faced such types of fraud. Unknown persons offer large consignments of petroleum products to trading companies and individual entrepreneurs. Fictitious commercial offers and contracts for the sale of fuel oil, bitumen and other petroleum products, as well as more exotic raw materials, such as cooking oil, are sent to them by e-mail. Similar proposals were sent from various email addresses (; etc.), and some of them were consonant with the name of Orsknefteorgsintez (, Some of the forgeries were signed by a fictitious CEO, whose surname is the Latin spelling of the plant's abbreviation – Mr. DzhsksorskRefin / JskorskRefin.

One of the conditions for signing was the requirement for prepayment of products, the documents indicated the numbers of bank accounts, including those belonging to individuals.

Similar commercial offers were received by businessmen from countries of the Asian region, Eastern and Western Europe, and America.

In a number of cases, contacts with potential buyers were carried out on behalf of certain persons posing as authorized agents of ForteInvest.

Based on the foregoing, ForteInvest declares that representatives of companies and individuals conducting negotiations, allegedly on its behalf or on behalf of Orsknefteorgsintez, on the supply of petroleum products do not actually have such powers and are pursuing fraudulent ends. Accordingly, neither ForteInvest nor Orsnefteorgsintez are liable for commercial offers, transactions, other obligations of these structures and individuals.

If you have any doubts about the eligibility of potential partners, you can contact the official address of ForteInvest:

127055 Moscow, 41, st. Novoslobodskaya

Phone: +7(495) 6415900

Fax: +7(495) 6415908


If you fall victim to an act of fraud, you should contact the law enforcement agencies at your place of registration and country of residence.